Kia ora!

So, Rob has been here about 3 weeks now and things are going well. He likes the job he’s in and seems pleased with the work. They’ve given him his own project to work on, and he’s looking to impress. I’m going to a work drinks with him this Friday, so will get to meet some of his work mates, which should be kool.

A couple of weeks ago, Rob, my friends and I went to a Footy match. Yes, the Aussie rules kind. For $28 each, we were sitting at the absolute top of the Telstra Dome (which had 147 000 people in it) watching St Kilda Saints play the Western Bulldogs. The atmosphere was awesome and we had a brilliant night.

Oh, and I impulse bought tickets to the Melbourne Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert next April. Yay!

So, Wakamaru has been interesting. Om (my research partner) and I have been working on understanding how to use each of its functions (like speaking from text, playing audio files, moving around the lab, face tracking etc…) so at some point we can start designing and developing a system so it can interact with people and follow some simple instructions. We had a short open day last night where we got Wakamaru to dance while it played U2’s Elevation at full volume. I think we got the kids attentions.

Jo, Rob, Chris and Simon at the Footy match.

Me and Wakamaru.

I’m looking at you…

Anyway, I promise to update more regularly.

Love you all


2 thoughts on “Rob and Wakamaru update….”
    1. Definately stop in! I’d love it. There is a couch here with your name on it. (I’ve slept on one – they’re not too bad) 😀

      When would you be coming back?

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