Hey guys,

So, I’ve ported all my old blog posts from the old http://lizs-world.livejournal.com site to this one, unifying the two blogs. We also added a few of the wedding blog posts we had made on the wedding version of this site previously. It’s all in one happy place now!

To see the oldest blog post on this site now, go to http://www.lizandrob.co.nz/2006/03/

These blog posts are from when I first moved to Melbourne in March 2006 until aout b2009. Most of the posts have photos in them from those days, so are quite fun to look through!

Top 7:

It’s pretty neat for us to have all these blog posts – a whole lot of our online history – in one place. Hope you guys enjoy clicking through too. There are yellow links at the bottom of the page to go to ‘Older Entries’ or ‘Newer Entries’.

Let me know if you have any trouble with any of these posts!


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