I’ve been slack. You see, I missed some posts. Important posts too. After we left Melbourne, and before we flew to London, we were in New Zealand. For 3 whole weeks. And I haven’t posted anything about it at all! Hopeless, yea?

So, we were in NZ, which was wonderful. We got to see our family and friends. There were dinners, movie trips, and we only spent two nights out of town, optimizing the time at home! This post is about whanau and then they’ll be one about activities and a last one about friends. But firstly, it’s family…

We saw my handsome family, including my beautiful Mum who was wearing neckbrace still. So pleased you have it off Mum!

Hey hey! My brother, my Matta

Mum with her neckbrace!

Ah, the fresh seafood! The fish, and shellfish and everything was so so fresh! We tried to eat seafood at every opportunity. We’re glad we did, because now that we live inland in Cambridge, fresh fish is hard to find!

Green lipped mussels!

Because of Mum’s neckbrace, she wasn’t allowed to drive, so I was the designated driver for the 3 weeks I was there. Was really nice to go out for lunch, have a gossip with Mum but also walk the dogs everyday. Hello doogies!

It's Poto! Hello Pepi!

We also got to catchup with some of my cousins while we were over. It’s always wonderful to see them, and Emere and Hana T grow so quick!

Mother and daughter

Hana x2!

But, course, we couldn’t avoid the Bilkeys and the Davidsons by any means. Rob went down to Hamilton and visited his grandma and uncle for an afternoon. Alma is doing really well and looks so wonderful here!

Davidsons all

When we went up to Snell’s beach for a couple of night, we caught up with many of the Bilkeys. Everyone had a top fun weekend, even though the weather was drizzly. Who needs nice weather to go to the pub?

Bilkeys some... and Bilkeys more!

It was so great to see our families when we were back, particularly since we weren’t sure if we’d be back for Christmas (which we’re not this year) and when we’d see them next.

Bilkey dinner

But they’re such an easy bunch to get along with, and chat to and have a laugh. Being so far away now, we miss everyone a lot. Much more than we did when we were ‘just across the ditch’ in Oz.

A feast!

Now’s there’s timezones, and physical distance that means we “can’t* go home at the drop of a hat. We won’t be back 3 times a year. We can only call you after 8pm in the evening and before 9am in the morning.

So, it was great we got to see most of you while we were back in NZ.

Hope you’re all well.

We love and miss you.

Liz and Rob

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