While we wander around the various cities of Europe, we’ve been looking for street art. More specifically, tiled Space Invaders. We’ve found these colourful and iconic pieces in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona previously. Well, we’ve found more in London, and even more in Paris, and even one in Brussels since then. So here’s an array of pieces for you to enjoy. Until next time, enjoy the show. London Paris     Brussels


Over the last year or 2, I’ve been continuing to visit various Harry Potter film sights around the country (dragging Rob along with me). This post almost finishes the whole list of Harry Potter sights I aimed to see! Let’s start at the beginning. One of the more iconic sights from the first few films is Platform 9 3/4 – a brick wall between train platforms. However, for the first couple of years I was in Cambridge, Platform 9 3/4 […]