While we wander around the various cities of Europe, we’ve been looking for street art. More specifically, tiled Space Invaders. We’ve found these colourful and iconic pieces in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona previously. Well, we’ve found more in London, and even more in Paris, and even one in Brussels since then. So here’s an array of pieces for you to enjoy. Until next time, enjoy the show. London Paris     Brussels


Paris was a blur (a beautiful blur, but still a blur). After a full day of wandered, J+J, Rob and I got on a train to Belgium – the land of beers and chocolate. Hoorah! First, we were in the quaint and iconic Bruges – the whole medieval town is a UNESCO world heritage site. And its easy to see why. The medieval architecture is everywhere, and looks awesome. There are also four 13th century windmills out near the waterways! […]