We were only in Prague for 2 nights – just the weekend – so there was only so much we could find time to see. But one thing we definitely made time for was the Old Jewish Cemetery. Used from the early 14th century until the mid 18th century, this is what 12,000 tombstones with over 100,000 layered burials looks like. The reason all the tombstones were crammed in like this? Prague would only allow burials within a designated cemetery for different denominations […]


When Rob’s brother and his wife travelled around Europe a few years ago, they said their favourite city was Prague. So when our friend Ali invited us to a weekend in Prague. we said yes straight away! Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague was founded back in 1306BC, though it was called Bohemia then. It flourished during the 14th century and much of the gothic city was built then. And a beautiful city it is. The big sight to see in Prague […]