During our 4 years in the UK, we visited 27 different Harry Potter film locations. Some of these sights were ‘because we could’ ones, like going to Lambeth Bridge¬†because the Knight bus drove over it, or visiting the touristy Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station. But the directors of the films also picked some amazing and iconic locations, some of which I would never have visited because of a tour guide, but ended up being some of the most […]


We had a wonderful 3 nights in Wales, with delicious food and plenty of beers. It was time to go home, but we had one more sight to see – Gloucester Cathedral. This cathedral is stunning and very Gothic. It’s pretty amazing. Originally a Saxon abbey, a Norman church was built on top by a group by Benedictine monk in the 12th century. Then, when Edward II was murdered in 1327, the church was chosen as his burial place, making […]