Apologies for the long break in our travel blogging. Last we posted, we were in Maulbronn visiting an Abbey. But our main reason for this European adventure was to go to James and Meike’s wedding in Illingon, Meike’s home town. Many of James and Meike’s friends and family had shown up from all parts of the world and we spent 3 days of getting to know the new in-laws and partying. The wedding service was really lovely. It was in both […]


We spent 4 days in the small city of Maulbronn in the region of Baden-Württemberg for James and Meike’s wedding. The reception was going to be held there, so conveniently many of us foreigners were staying there too. Perfect. But Maulbronn isn’t just a place to stay – it has its own UNESCO World Heritage Sight – Maulbronn Monastery. It’s the best-preserved medieval Cistercian monastery complex in Europe. Considering we had seen ruined monasteries in Yorkshire earlier this year (Fountain’s Abbey and Rievaulx Abbey), we […]