As we steadily catch-up on our blog posts from last year, we now move onto Vienna. We loved this city. It had all the grandeur and and beauty of Paris without the hordes of tourists or dirty streets. Vienna is a city of museums too – they have dozens. We only went to 2 but we could’ve spent a whole week in them. But the main reason we wanted to visit Vienna? The Hundertwasser Gallery and his other architectural designs in Vienna. He […]


One more train trip and we were in the busy bustling city of Amsterdam. When I say busy, I mean busy with lots of bicycles! The centre city is built on a series of waterways criss-crossed by one way roads and pedestrian ways but are all cycling friendly. It was impossible to take a photo without a bicycle in it. I also loved how some of the terraced houses were crooked and leaning on each other! Amsterdam is great city […]


On our last day in Paris, we finally went to the Lourve. The queue was too long on Friday afternoon and we had slept in on the Saturday morning, so Sunday morning was the day to go. There was still a massive queue outside, but the difference was, there weren’t thousands of people inside. It would be a relatively quiet visit. 🙂 The glass pyramid that holds the main entrance to the Lourve is a modern monstrosity compared to the palace buildings […]


We have been in the UK for over a year now. We landed in London 15th June 2010. However, for the whole year we’d been here, we’d only traveled to British destinations for our holidays. Affordable, but a touch hopeless, no? The last weekend of June, we finally left the island – and went to Paris! I just love all the lovers’  padlocks on the bridge above. 🙂 We were in Paris for only a 3day weekend, but made sure […]