So, I’m still in NZ (go back to Melbourne on Tuesday), but I thought I’d post some graduation photos while I was still here. Enjoy! Oh, and I’m wearing the completed korowai in all of these. So, for those who aren’t sure, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours majoring in Computer Science. Awesome! I got First Class Honours too (So did Andrew and Bruce btw. Next post will prolly be of photos from various parties and get […]


Hey everyone, So, I’ve been spending Easter weekend at Wendy’s, which has been nice as I don’t have to cook all my meals, have shops in walking distance (I don’t at my apartment, and it even takes 20mins to walk to uni shops) and some company. Wendy, her daughter Abbey, her neighbour Jo and I had dinner at Rachel’s house, one of Wendy’s friends, last night, which was great. It was quite interesting, coz all of us are different ages […]


Hi everyone! So, some more slow days. It was a lot cooler (*bliss*), but I was still unmotivated, so I didn’t make it into uni to work. I did some work here though, so sweet. The korowai at home is going *fantastically*. Here’s a picture of our progress on this *new* korowai. But, I had my first hockey practice/trial last night, which was awesome! It went really well! So, I’m meant to go back for another trial/practice tomorrow night at […]


Hey everyone. So this is a big PHOTOS post but also a busy day post, coz Rob and I did the tourist thing here. So, for those of you who don’t know or haven’t seen, the last time I saw the whanau korowai (feather cloak), it looked like this: And I don’t think I’ll see any more til graduation. Exciting! But here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment. It will be furnished, with couch and tv cabinet […]