We had a brilliant trip in Munich, but weren’t done with Germany yet, no! A couple of our friends organised a new year’s trip to Berlin and we agreed to go along! On our first evening, we knew we were going to like this city. Our hotel was next to a WWII bunker. Awesome. On our first day, we decided to go on one of the famous walking tours they have in Berlin. We were anxious about an expected 4 […]


My grandmother on my Dad’s side was called Williamina Moore Lynch Harte and she was born on the 7th December 1917 in a town called Port Glasgow. She’s since passed away, but Rob and I decided to visit the town My great grandparents had two daughters, Isabella and Williamina. They thought my grandmother was going to be a boy and picked the name William. When she was born a girl, they stuck with the name anyway. Most people called her Mina. In […]


Rob has 2 cousins this side of the world. One is the beautiful Caroline in London, who we’ve caught up with a few times since we moved to the UK. But there’s another cousin who we’ve been neglecting since we’ve moved to Europe – James in Munich. Rob and I haven’t been to Germany before, so thought visiting James was a brilliant opportunity to check this country out. We were in Munich for 5 days and each was an adventure. […]