Kia ora everyone!

A day of shopping. Hoorah! Though temperatures got up to 32 degrees here and its just so damn dry. Had my drinking bottle with me *constantly*. And town was packed! But, that’s still to be expected with the Commonwealth games and everything. Definately a lot of tourists around (the bumbags were giveaways).

Still, went to Chinatown, which was just full of Chinese restaurants (‘The Spicy Fish’, ‘The Golden Sun’, etc) and herbal stores.

Also, outside Myer (huge department store chain in Australia), they had four guys living in the store front for 3 weeks (during the games) using, and thus promoting, Myer products. So, they wear Myer clothes, use Myer cookwear, sleep in Myer bed wear etc etc etc. They were obviously actors, and took turns playing up to the crowd on occasion.

So, what did I buy? Appliances. I bought a toaster, a rice cooker, and a kettle. The cheapest ones in Target.

Still, all in all, it was a good day, and I had a good meeting with Ray in the evening (5.30pm appointment – ack!). Maybe I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

One of the building monstrousities in Federation Square.

2 thoughts on “Day 10: Shopping!”
  1. Hello

    3rd time lucky. I finally got the registration right.
    Loved the building you called a monstrosity. Loved modernism in close proximity to Victorian. Queen Street does not inspire me so. I sat on the bench moved to the point of tears. My soul felt it had come home, as my spirits lifted from my day to day existance, of the one foot in front of the other in the normal contemplation of “work”.
    I visit your site often.
    Sorry I missed your party, dropped Mario off at the airport and visited the farm that weekend. We did get the text from Te Orewa saying the house was standing room only.

    1. Re: Hello

      Kia ora cousin.

      I’m glad this website is interesting for people – especially whanau. don’t worry about the party – it was standing room only. We had whanau and family friends there.

      Might cu you when i come back for graduation.


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