It occurs to me, I didn’t upload any photos from the Farewell Parties that were thrown before I left. So, here’s a few.

WARNING! Image heavy post! If you have dial-up, this will be *very* slow.


6 thoughts on “Farewell Party Photos”
  1. Hey cuz

    Hi Liz

    Its Kim, Clare Phillips grand daughter. Dont kow if you remember me but I met you on holiday with my Nana many years ago, this would have been back when you were only young (approx. 12 years old). I remember we stayed at Uncle walters place (when he was still alive) and you, me, lynette and Rahima used to run a muck for the few days that I was there. Anyway must go Desperate house wives are on. Love the pics above, evn though I only recognise Hana (or Ngarino) Ive never been real good at telling apart twins. I thought Id message you as I know it must be scarey living in a new country and thought you could do with a friendly ear. If you want look fwd to hearing from you soon. My email address is If you get bored or lonely, drop us a line. Cheers Kim

    1. Re: Hey cuz

      Kia ora Kim!

      Thanks for making contact. I’d have to be honest and say I don’t remember you off the top of my head. I’m doing fine in Oz and move into my apartment in the weekend (hopefully), so its more exciting right now.

      Thanks for the email address. Will give you a buzz.


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