So, it was a long, hot and slow weekend. It was *so hot* here. I hear you guys are having rain and storms – I would kill for some rain now. Its so dry. Ack.

So, I did make some shopping trips. On Friday, Wendy dropped me off at Chapel St, which is an *awesome* street shopping stretch. I didn’t even get through a third of the length of the street. Its like as long as Remuera Road, and its chocker with shops. So, I bought some clothes and put some boots on layby. The stores are all full of winter threads, and its absolutely boiling. Crazy.

Yesterday, I slept half the day and wwatched tv and did *nothing*. It was a great day.

Today, Wendy and I went to Southland mall and I bought homewares. Some place mats, tea towels, blue cups, a blue utensil jar, chopsticks and innumerous mundane kitchen things.

Am going to start going to uni everyday this week. Will hopefully make some friends and get some work done. Will keep you posted.

One thought on “A slow weekend….”
  1. your purchases

    what nice things you bought. Very well chosen Funny to see your long line tops. sorry icouldnt make the webcam work-well the microphone. Nice seeing you in the camera.
    Dad’s not coming for the grand prix.

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