Hi everyone!

So, some more slow days. It was a lot cooler (*bliss*), but I was still unmotivated, so I didn’t make it into uni to work. I did some work here though, so sweet.

The korowai at home is going *fantastically*. Here’s a picture of our progress on this *new* korowai.

But, I had my first hockey practice/trial last night, which was awesome! It went really well! So, I’m meant to go back for another trial/practice tomorrow night at 9.30pm! But, I won’t go coz even if I was willing to travel at that time, my last bus is at 10.05pm. But, I’m going to a practice game on Sunday, and that should be fun. My muscles all ache, but that’s just coz I’ve been lazy.

Still, we’re going to have a Harry Potter night here, coz the Goblet of Fire dvd comes out here today. Yay! The movie was funny and enjoyable, so this should be sweet.

I did a lil more shopping, in that I paid off a lil more on my boots, and bought some mugs (4 for $10).

I’ve also got a singing lesson tomorrow with a woman Carmela, who’s not too far from uni, so that should be sweet too. Will let you know how that goes.



3 thoughts on “Bopping along….”
  1. The apartment looks lovely. Doesnt your sofa fit against the wall? It looks a bit crowded the way you’ve got it??!!! It looks very comfy. I’m really pleased. Mum

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