So, I’m pretty much, 99% moved in. Yay!

Skip straight to pictures:

So, here’s two pictures of my bedrooms, which has a desk, two tables, wardrobe and hot water cupboard.

Here’s my kitchen, which doesn’t look much different from the last picture, except i need to get a rubbish bin to replace the distasteful plastic bag on the cupboard door.

Here’s a picture from the kitchen across the living area. The closest table is my ‘dining room table’ (adorned with a couple of gifts from Helen, robs mum. Then theres my two seater couch facing the center of my world, the computer where I watch all my tv shows.

Finally, here’s me having lunch yesterday.

So, I had hockey trials in the weekend and should get put into a team on Tuesday. Have got another singing lesson on wednesday. And have got a hockey club pub crawl next Saturday, which should be fun.

Will keep you posted. This is Liz, signing out.

2 thoughts on “Rusden House – My New Whare”
  1. Marmite toast and salad. MmmmMmm. 😛

    Looks kinda cute and cosy, and, like your couch is too big. *pokes tongue out*

    (Don’t mind her, she’s just grumpy cause her big squishy couch didn’t fit in her teeny tiny apartment . . .)

    1. Lol. Yea. The couch is huge compared to the room. I know it looks kinda funny where it is, but I *need* it to face the tv. So, wherever the tv is – my couch will be facing.

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