Kia ora all!

So, I just spent the previous weekend in Sydney at a sci fi convention, meeting some of my sci fi actors and catching up with my Australian convention friends. So, here’s a few photos and a brief summary of events.

This is Carissa – she’s a friend of mine from the NZ conventions, and organised this one. I slept on her couch, so no accomodation charges!

This is Rand, surrounded by some of the various memorabilia that you could buy at the con.

This is one of the guests, Jewel Staite, and her husband Matt. She’s from a sci fi show of mine, Firefly.

Here’s another actor, John Billingsley, and his wife Bonnie. They had a hilarious stage show (at this point, she’s following John holding onto the end of his microphone cable), it was really entertaining.

Finally, here’s a picture of two of the actors, Jewel and Jonathan, who were actioning off mugs for charity that they had drawn on. The most popular one was a mug Jewel had drawn her favourites things on (like a cheesebuger, kittens, high heels, pinot etc). It went for a crazy A$250.

So, it was an awesome weekend. Was interesting meeting an Aussie crowd of fans and also working behind the scenes.

Will post those party photos sometime. Promise.


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