Hey everybody,

So, Saturday I spent 3 hours looking for hockey shoes after bussing and training all over town. Ack. I decided when I got home that they were a size too big, so went back to the shop the next day to swap them, dammit.

So, Saturday night was heaps of fun though. It was the Hockey Club Cocktail Party, which had a Barbie and Ken theme. I went as Punk Barbie, which involved lots of eyeliner and some accessories. Nothing too extreme. Lots of people dressed up, and much drinking and dancing was had. And I got home safely – all bonuses.

Sunday was my first hockey game. We had to drive an hour to get there, which sucked, and then we lost, which sucked more. But it was a hardy game and everyone played well, so sweet.

So, next weekend, I’m aparently going to a tupaware party (never been to one before) and a ‘Farmday’ at the hockey club, coz most of our teams are playing at home turf this weekend. People are expected to dressup as farmers, thus the Farmday. I think I will pass on that one. 🙂

Will keep you posted,


6 thoughts on “A busy lil weekend….”
  1. Lizzie you look great and so do your friends It’s good you have Hockey friends. Computer Sci Robotics people won’t be the most sociable beings from the ones I met. Quite myopic the ones I saw at Monash and Sydney Uni. Mumxx

    1. Compsci Robitics people are *so* sociable! We’ll, okay, maybe not the *robotics* people – but the rest of us CSC are totally sociable, honest!

      . . .

      Unless your talking about the Australians??? In which case: I totally agree. Weird Compsci robitics people . . .

      (*cheeky grin*)

      1. Yea, Mum was talking about the Aussies she met when we visited in Feb. Interesting people….

        No, she knows the NZ CS guys are awesome. 🙂

  2. Hi From Phalkun

    Hey this is Phalkun. Just drop by and say Hiii. Glenn gave your blog’s addie to me this morning. Nice blog 🙂 If you have time, visit my boggie. here’s the address: http://phalkunz.blogspot.com


    1. Re: Hi From Phalkun

      Awesome Phalkun! Thanks for checking out my world for a while. Will take a look at your blog. Hope uni’s going well for you.

      Cu, Liz

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