Hey guys,

So, I didn’t do anything extraordinary at *all* this week. So, I got a package from Mum and another one from Mel on Friday. Mel sent me tv shows (*awesome*) and Mum sent me a collection of things

The most exciting of these things was the art! I have some art on my walls in my bedroom! Makes it feel more normal, what with the buckets of art we have at home in NZ.

So, today I went to see Mission Impossible 3, which was entertaining enough, but I could see why it didn’t score well at the box office. It wasn’t gadgety enough! MI is meant to be about the fiddly details of the plan and everything, and they skipped over it a lot, I thought. They got it right at the Vatican , but otherwise, action-boom-bang-blah. Ah well, at least I paid the layby off on my boots. I have new boots!

And here is a collection of random photos from my apartment. All the characters on my fridge are Harry Potter characters, and the deck of cards are a belated bday present from a hockey friend of shops around Melbourne.

Alright! Now I’m going to watch Pirates of the Carribean in preparation for the sequel this year. Arg!

3 thoughts on “A nothing kind of week…”
  1. Hi from the twins

    The boots are fab, fab, fab! It is freezing here and we’re in Ngarino’s office like old Nannies drinking ovaltine. But we do have a social life, and later this evening Ben Harper is going to be singing just for us. Yes, we might be in the gods and miles from the stage, but that doesn’t matter becuase we know he’s singing just for us.

    Good news too, Ngarino got her funding to go to Melbourne. Not sure on the dates as yet, but we are very excited, as is Ngarino about Hana’s credit cards!!

    Bye for now, with hugs,

    Ngarino and Hana.

    PS. Hana T still keeps asking after Rob. Got any photos where he’s not being a dick so we can put it up in the girls room.

    1. Re: Hi from the twins

      Cheers re the boots. Am wearing them today coz its a bit chilly.

      Awesome about coming over to Melbourne! Be awesome to have somebody to trip around the shops with. FYI, Robs prolly gonna be over for the Hockey ball on July 8th, so maybe a different weekend to that one would be sweet. 😀

      A photo of Rob not being a dick? I’ll have a look – might be difficult tho. 🙂 Though a couple of the ones from here aren’t too bad. Gimme an email if you want another one.

      Thanks for posting. Aroha!

  2. phalkun

    Cool nice paintings on the wall. your room is way tidier than mine hehe.
    I can see you really like Harry Potter huh 🙂

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