Hey everyone,

So, in summary, I have been watching alot of soccer. 😀 And having lots of fun too.

On Thursday, I went to the local pub ‘The Nott’ with my rusden friends. Thursday night is student night, and the pub was suitably packed. We got a seat next to the fire, which was great. Then we sat up to watch England vs Trinidad and Tobago (2-0 to England) which was awesome fun.

On Friday, woke up with a sore throat, went to see a podiatrist (not for the throat) in the morning, who told me my new hockey shoes were bad for my feet, and gave me an inset so I won’t get *pain* when I play hockey. Then a bunch of us went to town, followed by going home later and watching Nederlands vs Ivory Coast (2-1) , where IC played so well. Was a great game.

On Saturday, woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose and Jo got a tatoo in the afternoon. Was my first visit to a tatoo parlour, actually. It was so *clean*. Like, bizarrely clean. Still, she got her surname (“Lu” in English) tatood. Very kool. Watched Portugal vs Iran (2-0), where everyone but Jo was cheering for Iran, who had a really good game. The only reason Jo was cheering for Portugal was because of Cristiano Ronaldo. *shakes head*

Sunday, I spent most of the day in bed as my flu had flared up. Didn’t stop me playing, and winning, hockey, which was awesome. We had a movie night at Caroline’s apt (40 Year Old Virgin – so funny!) and then watched Brazil vs Oz (2-0) at 2am. My flu got kinda feverous that night, which wasn’t fun.

Monday, I had to go to uni at the ungodly hour of 8.30am (meant I woke up at 7am with 3 hours sleep) for an all day first aid course. I was fine in the morning, learning CPR and the recovery position and stuff. But, my flu flared evilly in the afternoon – was horrible. I stayed tho, and did the test (which I aced) and I am now officially a first aider. I went home and slept blissfully for 2 hours, then got up to go to Jos farewell.

Yes, I know, silly girl. But Jo had been so nice to me and was going to England for 3 weeks. I cut up some carrot and celery sticks (which got demolished as the only healthy food at the party) and donated my speaker setup and a bottle of vodka to the festivities. There was only 10 of us there, but that bottle of 42 below feijoa vodka was cleaned out. Crazy. A good night was had, and I was home at a (comparatively) early 1am. Was lots of fun.

Me and Jo at the Nott. Yes, I’m wearing my King’s leavers jersey. *pride*

Tayaba, Chris and Jo.

Watching England vs T&T. England won!

Jo’s tatoo.

Tayaba, Chris and me in town.

Martin, Me, Chris and Caroline at Jo’s farewell.

Tayaba and me at Jo’s farewell. Jo insisted the girls all wear eyeliner. *rolls eyes*

There will be more soccer this week. Will keep you posted. But, Im taking today (Tuesday) off today. Got out of bed for a lemsip and an apple so far. Hope I get well soon. 😀



One thought on “Another soccer weekend”
  1. Lizzie what a great social time and you’ll be learning so much about soccer. I know somewhere this is all related to robots!!! Your friends look nice and your party skills sound as honed as ever.
    The article in the mag was very funny. Your accent isn’t that bad! Tell them it’s American.
    This Friday night is supposed to be a Kaa whanau gathering and we’re doing a talk on nanny which I haven’t started. Ngarino sent something I haven’t looked at yet. I have to spend this $76 thou for the marae by Friday. Stress!! And finish a report.
    Nothing much.
    Mattie’s well. He’s working out his budget to keep track of his money which is good.
    I use your little camera. It is little. For you. We’ll swap soon.
    Have to learn to download photos from it. I have a manual. G’nite. Kisses, Mum

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