Kia ora everyone!

So, I’ve been sick the past week. Like, I got *no* work done during the week and didn’t go to hockey trainings or singing. All I did was eat, sleep and watch soccer. *grin*

But last night, having had a relaxing weekend doing nothing and catching up on a bit of work, we went out to town to watch the Italy vs Australia match. The crowds were *massive*. There was so many people out and on a Monday night. The police here were treating it like a New Years Eve night.

We initially went to Federation Square, which was about half full at 11.30pm, completely with Aussie supporters. Everyone was watching a replay of the Croatia vs Australia match, cheering and waving flags and all the rest. So, we thought we’d go get some food, then come back to wait for and watch the game. Unfortunately, when we came back, they had already barricaded the square off coz they didn’t want to fill it – 9,000 people max aparently.

Me and Tayaba waiting around at Fed Sq. It was *freezing* outside.

This is Chris, Martin and Tayaba outside Flinders St train station, after we found we couldn’t go back into the square.

So, we decided to head up to Lygon St instead, which is essentially the Italian Quarter. We knew that we may be walking dangerously, as we were all supporting Oz, but needed a big tv to watch the game on. Lygon St ended up being a better crowd in many ways, coz it was less controlled, with a mix of Italians and Aussies, heaps more flags and supporter outfits, and we were closer to the tv. There were also quite a few flares lit, which seem to be a popular crowd antic in Australia, albeit dangerous.

Tayaba, Chris and Martin pleased with an Italian red card.

Of course, then Aussie lost, disappointingly because of another crap ref, and the italians celebrated, with more flares.

So, an interesting, but gutting night. Still, England and Germany are still in the next stage (who we all support because of Chris and Martin), so we’re looking forward to a good weekend.

Should be seeing Kilian on Wednesday too, which should be kool. Will let you know how it goes. I also managed to get an embarassing picture into the hockey club newsletter here. Scroll down to the 7th page, and there they poke fun at my kiwi accent.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone’s well.


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