Hi everyone!

So, a few things have been going on.

For starters, Rob and I both had to apply for Victorian Driver’s Licences to legally drive in Victoria. And they gave me a FULL licence. *grin* Yes, for those of you who don’t know, I was still on my restricted. But I have a full now. And didn’t have to do a test either. Hoorah!

A few weeks ago, Rob got a text message from a guy, Alex, who Rob had gone to Preschool with – and never seen since. Kinda odd. But very nice, as he invited us the Emirates Stakes Day Races, which marks the last day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. So I forced Rob to accept the invite, as I wasn’t about to turn down a trip to the races, with all the social hoohaa involved.

Its a formal event, so guys wear suits, and girls dress their best, (though some looked like they’d just fallen out of bed), everyone brings a picnic, smuggles in alcohol, and that’s your day. Oh, there are horses. But thats a minor part of the whole environment. We didnt bet on anything, and I just wore the same dress I wore for the ball. I *didn’t* have a fascinator (those spi-dang-ly things the ladies wear on their heads) but I think I was alright. It was blindingly sunny and totally packed with people. A great day.

A peak at the crowds at the races. Was a blindingly sunny day.

Me, Alex and Rob.

All the girls in our group.


Masters is goin ok. Am still just piecing things together. Am looking at segmentation (separating a scene into different objects and areas) and then the elusive object recognition. I think I’m just gonna use the methods defined in OpenCV (a free vision library) for now, just to get a system done. Then replace pieces later. Yea. I just need to get something done for now.

Hope everyone is well. A warm quiet day in Melbourne today.

Arohanui to everyone,


PS For those who know Chris Rapson, his myspace is here.

One thought on “A general update”
  1. “Oh, there are horses. But thats a minor part of the whole environment”
    *cracks up* As it should be 🙂

    Glad things are going yay – photos hurrah!

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