Hey everyone,

So, just quickly and without photos:

We are now living in a single storey 3 bedroom house with 2 of our friends. Currently its just Rob and me, so we don’t know what to do with ourselves knocking around this big house. Its fantastic.

We have most of the essential furniture items. No couch yet, but are making do with bean bags. The house is *cold*. A south facing house on the south side of a hill – so it’s gonna be expensive to heat in the winter. It has gas, so that good. Oh yea – the master bedroom (with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite) is bigger than the apartment Rob and I were in before. 😀

On the masters side of thing:

We’ve been in the process of doing the ‘paperwork’ for having the Wakamaru here for about 9 months now. But possibly to no avail. They’re asking for things like definite yearly outcomes by the students working on Wakamaru, being given a month to go over a paper before it is submitted somewhere, as well as various other things. We could *kinda* live with that, except they would still hold the right to take the robots off us whenever they wanted. Which sucks.

On another note, a possible research relationship between Tokyo University, which has a couple of Wakamarus also, has fallen through, making having the robots less appealing. Again – sucks.

And for interests sake, check out this awesome Big Dog robot. This robot is *super* kool. And will probably be used as a mule to carrying things for the military if it ever gets fully developed.

Aroha to all!


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