The main reason we went to Cambridge was because I had scored an interview with ARM there the week before. So, we booked the train tickets, accommodation and went!

On the Train to Cambridge!

It is a wonderful wee city (pop. 130,000) and in the city centre the buildings are all old and beautifully maintained. They have a river that runs along side the city centre, and people go ‘punting’ on it. They’re flat bottomed boats that you push along the river with long sticks like Venician gondolas. The river and parks are were so beautiful.

Beautiful Cambridge

For that first day, we just wandered around the streets and parks absorbing the old school Cambridge architecture and atmosphere.

The *Actual* King's College

Cambridge Street Close Buildings

Rob spotted this neat clock that’s sundials on all four sides of the building.

Old School Clock

So, we were surprised that there were a lot of people and police all around King’s College when we were there. Turns out, there was an graduation ceremony which was headed by Prince Philip! Was a bit of a shock to see him not 3 meters from us. Very neat. We’re really in England!

Prince Philip WTF!

Rob loved all the little gargoyles that were on a lot of the old buildings.

It's a Gargoyle! uuu 167

One of the best things about Cambridge was this little noodle bar restaurant we found, Dojo. The kitchen was full of chinese chefs (always a plus in England) and tasted just like home! Lot’s of Japanese dishes, which was great!

Dojo Noodle Yum! Won Ton Soup Like Home!

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  1. Really nice pics guys! I’m travelling to Cambridge this weekend for some photos.. can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope this doesn’t come across as random! Thought I’ll just share!

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