Firstly, on the job front. My role is going really well at ARM and I’m learning lots and have even been given some tasks to contribute toward the team. Yay!

Rob has also gotten a job offer from Bosch. Double yay! He’s not accepting it just yet, as he is going to a 2nd round interview on Friday for a Cmabridge company. Bosch is a 45min-1hr commute away, so checking out a more convenient company is a plus. We’ll let you know how this goes!

Now, back 2 weeks to Glasgow. Glasgow is an interesting city and apparently the largest and best retail centre in the UK outside of London. We unfortunately got a bit of a dirty introduction to the city getting off the train and going down the *wrong street* to get to our hostel. We never went down that street again, coz it was so filthy and dingy. But we found the nice stretches in the end.

Buchanan St Shopping Stretch

George Square is the heart of Glasgow. It was named after King George III and has statues of various famous Glaswegians all around the square. I liked all the park benches and everyone having the lunch. Very cruisy and relaxed.

George Square

We happened to come accross another parade! Though this one was of a different nature. They were celebrating the 450th anniversary since the Reformation, i.e. since the creation of the Anglican (Protestant) faith. Weird but true. They had a police escort and everything. I suppose in the past, Catholics would bottle the orange band-wearing Protestants. This was a very quiet affair today though.

www 076

www 086 The Flutes!

We watched the England vs Germany game that afternoon and super surprised to find all the Scots cheering for Germany!! Since England lost, it meant the pub was in high spirits at the end of the match! We were at The Horseshoe Bar, which has the longest bar in the UK. No photos though sorry.

The next morning, we wandered over to The Clyde, which is the river alongside the CBD and was what supported Glasgow’s shipbuilding history. Glasgow is working hard to make the Clyde a bigger part of the tourism like London does for the Thames. We didn’t see the 3 things there were to see up the river (a shipbuilding crane, a locally built wooden ship and a science museum), but might if we visit again.

The Clyde

More about Glasgow tomorrow. We went to the Kelvingrove Art Galley and Museum, the Museum of Transport and the Glasgow Cathedral.

Until tomorrow,

Liz and Rob

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