So, we were back in London for a week and a half. A lovely, relaxing, week and a half. We spent most of that first week at Wendy and Abbey’s beautiful whare in Clapham North. One sunny afternoon, we decided to venture out to the garden and saw a squirrel eating a cherry out of the tree. What a good idea!

Cherry Eating Squirrel

So we decided to fetch our own cherries. Rob was up in the tree.

Cherries for Me!

And Wendy and Abbey were on a step ladder and using a broom to shake branches.

Cherry Decorations

Abbey up the ladder and Rob leaping down from the tree!

Cherry in Mouth Cherry Picker Leaps

The results were beautiful and delicious.

Cherry Collection Cherry

We did share some with the neighbour who actually owned the tree!

The Cherry Happy Evans

We loved all the wildlife that would wander through Wendy and Abbey’s garden. There were quite a few red breasted robins like this guy.

Red Breasted Robin

But every now and then, there was a squirrel. Gorgeous!

Squirrel Away Eating Peanuts!

We had a wonderful time at Wendy and Abbey’s. Thanks so mcuh for having us at your lovely home guys! We’ll certainly be back sometime. XD

– Liz and Rob

4 thoughts on “London – Cherry Picking”
  1. Hi Liz,
    your adventure sounds wonderful. Thanks for the blog.
    David Lynes is working with an old colleague of mine. He and Rocco are both in UK at the moment, I think. In Australia we have had a very poor ski season again.
    Cheers, Eileen.

    1. Hi Eileen!

      I tweaked your comment, but yes they’re public! Glad you’re checking out the blog. I’ve caught up with Rocco here. He lives quite close to us, so we keep seeing him in the area. Hehe. David ‘s here already? Will have to give him a buzz.

      Darn about the poor ski season. Perhaps you guys should come to Europe for skiing at the end of the year? 🙂

      Keep well!


  2. Ah! I only just found your blog! Added you to my bloglist! I’m going to be living through your posts now. I am so very very jealous, you’re basically living my dream! Hope that you & Rob are having a great time! xox

    1. Hi Nat! I’m glad you found us!

      I’ve put a link to your blog on my blog too. Rob and I are having a great time! We’re working on the living in the dream – so far its been a little travelling and a lot of setting up! But once we’re settled, we’ll start exploring much more thoroughly.

      Thanks for the comment!


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