So, the last blog post was an overview of all the Harry Potter sightings we want to do. So far, we have done 4 of them. 10 more to go!

So, we went to London Zoo as previously posted and saw 1. Reptile House, London Zoo

Reptile House

Harry Potter!

On one afternoon wandering around London, we also went to try and find 4. Gringott’s Bank, London. My instructions had been to go to Australia House, the Australian embassy in London. Well, we got there, and it turns out that it was the *interior* of the building that was used for Gringott’s Bank. And the place was closed to the public. Not happy!

Australia House!

So, that was pretty disappointing. But what was more pleasing was finding the place where the 2b. Entry to the Leaky Cauldron, London for the third movie was filmed. We had to wander around Borough Market over near London Bridge until we found a flower shop.

Is Diagon Alley Through Here?

I assure you, Rob was excited as I was to find the spot. It meant he could go home and watch the afternoon world cup football match.

The 4th Harry Potter sighting we’ve had so far is of 14. The Elephant House, Edinburgh which we saw when we were in Edinburgh for a few days. We were pretty knackered that day so didn’t go in for a coffee, though I did do when my family and I went in 2005. It was a pretty busy cafe, not that there was much competition in the area, but we weren’t the only tourist looking to get a photo either. Brilliant. Website: The Elephant House

The Elephant House

So, 4 Harry Potter sightings down, and 10 to go! I’m quite looking forward to this to-do list. Should encourage good travelling around the country too.

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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Sightings So Far”
  1. […] 1. Reptile House, London Zoo – When Harry and the Dursleys go to the zoo, Harry speaks to a snake and Dudley gets trapped in the snake enclosure. This was filmed at the real London Zoo! DONE! See this blog post –> Harry Potter Sightings […]

  2. Oh goodness when I read in your HP ‘overview’ post that you had ‘done’ Gringotts/Australia House I was like HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE?! So then I came here to read about it… and you didn’t :-/ haha. I have caught a glimpse of the interior (if you walk past during opening hours and there’s no security around, you can peak through the front doors which are glass. After hours there’s another set of doors behind the glass which are closed). I’m kind of hoping I have a reason to make an appointment at the embassy one day (I’m Australian) so I have an excuse to go inside!!

    1. As an Australian, I’m sure you can come up with an excuse to visit sometime! You should find out if they do any Australia Day celebrations or something that you could get yourself invited to. 🙂 Post photos somewhere if you do!!

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