Our first few weeks in Cambridge have been relaxing as we’ve been settling into something of a routine. I was working for the first 3 weeks and then Rob started working too. We’ve stayed in an apartment and a B&B for the first month while we found and moved into our rental property (more on that soon).

Our weekends have involved continuing to explore the city. The architecture of the buildings are magnificent. I’m sure I’ll not tire of them during our time here. Here’s King’s College with the chapel on the right. It’s in the center of town (indeed, I’m sure town was built around these colleges) and right next to the main market, so we’ll be seeing it every weekend, I’m sure. I must remind myself now to not tire of its impressive architecture.

King's College

We did a wee wander around looking at interesting things. In Cambridge, there is a round church, one of only 4 in England. It’s officially the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and was built around 1130, making it one of the oldest buildings in Cambridge.

1 of 4 Round Churches in England

It was probably built by the Normans, I think, and had ties to the Templars and the Crusades. It’s not used as a church anymore, but has an exhibition in it about the history of christianity in Cambridge.

Built by the Knights Templar Round Church

We also went to another place that used to be a church, but is now a cafe!

Michaelhouse Cafe used to be a church

It’s not empty because its a terrible cafe (it was really nice!), we were just there late in the afternoon. We discovered that England serves these dishes called Ploughman’s. It is essentially cheese, bread, salad, some fruit (like an apple), a gherkin and some chutney.

Ploughman's Lunch

We tend to have to share them, coz they are quite a filling load! But tasty, oh so tasty. The cafe, Michaelhouse, did nice coffee too.

Coffee in a Church

Filled with food, we wandered home, stopping to give some money to an ingenious busker…

Busker in a BIN

Yes, he is in the rubbish bin. HAH. We thought that was pretty awesome. I’d hope he at least lined it with a fresh bin bag. :S

Really though, have you guys seen any bizarre buskers? Coz I thought this was pretty neat.

3 thoughts on “Getting To Know Cambridge”
    1. Haha! I think he learnt that from drinking games though. ‘International dirnking rules’ and all the rest. We’ve been meaning to go to a proper tea house here though. Have some tea and scones with clotted cream. Should be very… English.

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