Absolutely everyone owns a bike in Cambridge. The city is very flat, so it’s easy to cycle. There are bikes, and bike stands, everywhere. Especially outside pubs.

Because of this, and so we could ‘fit in’, we bought a pair of bikes.

At a bike stand

I have not rideen a bike since I was, like, 15. We’re from Auckland! No one rides a bike there! It involves hills and mountains and rain and lots of car dodging. Buggar that crap. Even in Melbourne, it was near suicide to try ride a bike! You’re more likely to get *mowed down* than make it to the office.

Having a wobble

But in Cambridge, there are little red cycling lanes all over the place. And the cars *give way* to bikes, quite naturally.

Bit embarassed.

Parents have toddler seats mounted over the back wheel. Little old ladies ride their bikes to the supermarket to pick up their groceries. Kids ride their bikes to school.

Maybe this is fun...

I may a bit wobbly on my bike (and not brave enough to ride it all the way to work yet) but its definitely a bit fun. It gets you places twice as fast and lets you pile on some shopping.

I think it wil be useful. I’ll be sure to wear my helmet Dad.


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