A week ago, Rob finally got to start work at Bosch. After 9 weeks since his last day at Davey in Melbourne, it was like sending a bird out of the bloody nest for me, but a great relief for both of us. Bring on the 2 pay checks!


Because Rob’s office, Bosch Lawn and Gardening, is in Stowmarket, he has to get an hour long train to work. I see a car in our future, I’m sure….

Cambridge Train Station!

He works from 8am til 5.30pm Monday through Thursday, then finishes at 12.30pm on Friday. Noice!

After he got back that first day, we had a little microwave heated celebratory dinner in the B&B’s garden.

Dinner Time!

The garden was pretty neat, especially since it had lots of fruit trees! We were allowed to pick some of the plums at the back.

Picking Fruit

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!

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