For the first month we were in Cambridge, we stayed at 3 different accomodation places.

Firsly, was the self-service apartment in town. We loved this for its location, but thought the skinny stairway up and down was a bit of a mission. particularly with all our luggage.

First Little Place

Mission Stairway!

Our second accomodation place was another self-service apartment much closer to the train station, about a 10 min walk. We loved the area though, so much that we made sure to look for an apartment/house in the area.

Stockwell St

The apartment was great too, as it had free wifi and house cleaning included twice a week. Noice!

Stockwell St

Our time at this apartment ran out, but we had found our rental property! However, we couldn’t move in for a week, so had to make *another* move to a third acommodation place. We ended up at Angela and David’s Bed and Breakfast, about 2 streets away from where we would eventually live.

St Barbabas Street

It was a beuatiful street and a great house, but we were so crammed in! We needed to expand!

Our Overcrowded Room!

And now, just this weekend, we’re living in our new place. It’s a little two storey house, behind a lovely red door.

No 38

More to come…

4 thoughts on “Staying in Cambridge”
    1. Thanks Jay. Yea, we’re still in a state of some flux, but are feeling more settled than we have in 6 weeks. Do you have photos from your trip? I’d love to see!

  1. How lovely to keep up with your news and see what you’re both doing. The house is gorgeous and you seem to have filled it up already. Well done with your jobs and successful house hunting.

    It’s very cold here, 9C, cold and raining. Nepia, Hana, Emere and Takimoana have shared their colds with Bob and Ngarino. Hana and I are waiting our turn.

    Lots of love from
    The Ellis’s -all living at Number 23 while No 18 gets ready for renovation.

    1. Kia ora whanau!

      Thanks so much for your comment! Great to know you’re following the blog and seeing what we’re up to. Must be a squeeze having all of you in the one house! A bit of fun too, I’m sure. 🙂

      Our jobs have ended up being very good – mines going to teach me more than I may ever need to know about software, and the company has a lot of room to grow which is great. Rob’s getting right into his chainsaws (that’s what his team is working on) and got to have a hands-on class teaching the basic techniques.

      No good about the colds! Hope the house gets well soon. 🙂

      Lots of love to you all,


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