In keeping with our new plan to visit every pub in Cambridge, here’s our first three!

Fort St George

Our first pub we went to was a riverside one, Fort St George.

Cider at the George.

While Rocco (who we were meeting for dinner) had told us it was along a beautiful section of the River  Cam, we didn’t quite believe it until we saw it. Hanging willows, some swans, rowing clubs all the way along. It really was a  beautiful stretch of river. One we’ll definitely visit again. There were even houseboats, and this one had a dog waiting for its owner to come back from the pub!

The Beautiful River Cam Dog on a Houseboat!

Fort St George was our first pub to be ticked off the list, and will certainly be visited again in the future. No doubt.

The Empress

Our second pub we visited was one down the road from the apartment where we were staying. It’s called The Empress.

The Empress!

I thought my work mates were pulling my leg when they said there were pet miniature pigs there. Well, they were telling the truth.

Three Little Pigs, Let me come in! Where's teh grub?

So we sat out in the beer garden, while the pigs snuffled through their bark looking for pellets and occasionally came over to the fence, hoping for a snack. Was a great pub with a great atmosphere. No wonder it won Pub of the Year 2010.

The Cambridge Blue

Our third pub was recommended for its food, though we didn’t order food the first time we went there. The Cambridge Blue, as it’s called, gets recommended by various people as a place to go. So we decided to see what the fuss was about.

Cam Blue 2!

I love all the bikes chained up outside these pubs! It’s aparently not illegal to drink and ride. Hmmm.  It’s beer garden is pretty nice and spacious, and we just chilled out for a couple of afternoon beers. Choice.

Garden Drinks at the Blue

The second time we went to the Cambridge Blue was for food, as it was one of our last nights at the B&B and we didn’t want another microwave meal. Save us please! A steak pie and a fish pie. Was pretty yum, a pub meal. Couldn’t complain about the atmosphere. The place was packed for a Thursday night and quite lively. Definitely a top pub.

Steak and Fish pies Pints at the Cambridge Blue

I think this will be a fun way to see new areas of Cambridge and see the different pub atmospheres and pub cultures. I’ll keep eye on my waistline Mum, promise.

Any interesting pubs or bars that you’ve been to? It was the first time I’d been to a place with pet pigs!

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