We’ve been talking a lot about the house and looking around here than we have about work. Mostly, that’s coz we don’t take photos at work. That’s a tad weird when you’re new to the place.

My work at ARM goes well. I’ve been given a bunch of responsibility now and am quickly learning that customer requests are the top priority, even if you really really want to finish what you’re working on. Sort of. There’s a balance to be found and I’m working on finding it. I’ve learnt a lot, have a lot more to learn, but am really getting into and enjoying the work. My team mates are pretty neat too. Always a plus.

Rob’s getting to know Bosch. He’s working on chainsaws, which meant he got to go on a hands-on chainsaw training course to learn how they’re typically used. He’s meeting lots of new people and will probably play social football (you know, soccer) with some of his work mates. Aside from not being allowed to access the external internet from work, even for work purposes, he’s enjoying the place a lot.

But anyway, back to the Cambridge wandering stuff. We’ve been wandering around getting to know the city, admiring different aspects and enjoying new things.

This is a park we walk through on our way to town called Parker’s Piece. During the day, there’s sport and families playing. In the evenings, it’s a popular spot for groups to get together and drink. It’s aparently quite common to meet your mates at the park for a drink before you all go out somewhere. But today was just a quiet fair day.

Parker's Piece

We keep bumping into a friend of mine, Rocco, from Melbounre. He’s come over to Cambridge for a 6 month contract and lives in the area. We ambushed his coffee stop and joined him. Was great to catchup. 🙂


We’re still completely in love with the market and bought some local fruits and Dark Plum Jam! Delicious on toast – yum yum!

Market Jam

Fresh Fruit

Even though we’ve been here 6 weeks (!), we still think King’s College is a stunning building. On nice days, we’ll sit on the wall outside it and have lunch. The atmosphere and surrounds are exquisite. Though today the photography was not so sharp! But still, hopefully you get the idea.

King's College

Til next time…

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