There are really a lot of pubs in Cambridge. Particularly near our place. Every other street has a pub. Of course, people catchup and socialize in pubs how kiwis and aussies do in cafes. Sort of. But anyway, we’ve been systematically visiting all of them and working out our favourites.

The White Swan

Just down the road is the White Swan, which is essentially an old man’s pub with a big dining area. It was nearly empty when we went there and had dinner. Kind of odd. So we had a quick meal and a pint. Then left…

White Swan

The Devonshire Arms

… and went to the pub across the street. The Devonshire Arms had been called ‘a bit dodgy’ by the neighbours. But turns out it had been recently renovated and was very nice with a top dinner menu! Bonus! We’ve been back a couple of times since then. Top pub by us!

I want your drink!

Devonshire Arms

The Salisbury Arms

The next two pubs, Salisbury Arms and Six Bells, are pure and simple local pubs. They both have a great selection of ales and modest menus, but are well frequented by the locals, which makes them really nice visits.

The Salisbury Arms

The Six Bells

Six Bells

Overall, a pretty good bunch of locals. There’s a couple more pubs in the area that we’ll get to in the future.

All these English pubs are giving me a palate for ales. They’re pretty yummy!

Til next time…

Update (2015): The Six Bells was a small but homely wee pub that we did visit again over the years.

Six Bells pub Cambridge

The White Swan was a regular easy pub for us and always had the rugby on. Our lovely friend Loopy would often join us for a pint!

The White Swan pub Cambridge

Out of all these pubs here, The Devonshire Arms was a regular easy favourite for always having delicious and well kept Milton Breweries beers. Yum!

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