When we moved to Cambridge, we immediately started hearing about that ‘other’ university city. It was older than Cambridge. It was bigger than Cambridge. Apparently, it was better than Cambridge. Feathres a tad ruffled,  we decided to go visit this older sister for a weekend. A bit of learning was to be had.

Autumn Driving


It was just the beginning of autumn so it was beautiful driving through the english countryside with the different coloured trees. We decided to stop over in Bedford where Jon, my team leader from work, lives.  He caught up with us and took us around town. The highlight was visiting a classic candy store, with all the candy in glass jars.

Candy Store in Bedford

We may have bought too much candy and fudge from there. It was totally worth it. 🙂

We also went for a wander alongside the river through one of the parks in Bedford. With all the autumn colours, it was beautiful.

Fall Colours

A River Runs Through Bedford

Big thanks to Jon for showing us around. We stayed for a quick lunch, but then were on the road again.

Oxford Streets

There was much stopping and starting between Bedford and Oxford. For those in the know, I got badly motion sick. It was the first time I’d been in a car in 3 months! But anyway, we got to Oxford eventually, and it was certainly worth the trip.

Leany Buildings

Knock knock Through the Oxford Lanes

Walking the Oxford Streets

It’s as beautiful as Cambridge, with its winding streets and old old colleges. Of course, Oxford is older than Cambridge. Apparently there was an academic rift in Oxford back in the 16th century, so a bunch of professors moved to Cambridge and established a university there. Regardless, the architecture was beautiful. We were mighty impressed.

The Bridge of Sighs

One thing about the Oxford architecture is all the little faces. They’re everywhere! If you look up at any building edge, there’s litte faces like these below. They’re so expressive sometimes, and other times just sombre. Great fun to look up and see.

Oxford Faces! Very Expressive

Oxford Food

The other aspect of Oxford that we enjoyed was the food! I hadn’t had a traditional jpanaese meal is *months*. So when we found out about Edamame, a popular japanese cafe next to New College, I had to go. It was everthing I could’ve hoped for, including have a short queue at the door 15 minutes before opening. What a winner!

Edamame in Oxford

Fresh Edamame

Indeed, I enjoyed having a japanese lunch so much, that we had japanese for dinner too at Yo Sushi. The place was packed and the food super fresh! I was in heaven.

Yo Sushi Carousel Fresh Sashimi

Japanese Happiness

Fantastic stuff. But the best is yet to come. The colleges in Oxford are quite stunning, and we visited a couple during the weekend. I’ll admit that their selection was almost purely for Harry Potter reasons, but surely you’ll forgive me for that? 🙂

Part II of the Oxford trip will come later this week.

Hope you’re all well,


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