From Dover we headed towards Leeds Castle ( and home ). It started off rather snowy.

cam18 220
However when we got to the castle it was a beautiful day.

cam18 230 cam18 233

Even though the sun was out it was still a bit cold.

cam18 240

Leeds castle is surrounded by a lake.

cam18 249 cam18 315

It has a gatehouse to stop nasty invaders which has a flood gate which can flood the moat. The gatehouse originally had a drawbridge to the castle, however it was replaced when the Frenchies stopped invading.

cam18 257 cam18 250

As it was cold the moat was frozen. ( Liz and I found it entertaining watching the birds stand on the ice )

cam18 258 cam18 267

Leeds castle was built on two islands, and as well as the drawbridge from the gatehouse to the first castle it also originally had a drawbridge between the first and second castle.

cam18 268

cam18 276

It has some very stunning rooms

cam18 280 cam18 300

Many famous people have lived here including Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII first wife.

cam18 284 cam18 299

But since then it has been renovated, and can still be hired out for weddings and other functions.

cam18 312mod cam18 307

As well as the castle being grand, the grounds are stunning.

cam18 322

There is also a maze.

cam18 317

Which Liz liked a lot.

cam18 323

So this ends the roadtrip posts ( for now )

cam18 341


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