Our pub visiting has been very very quiet over the winter. Typically, once you get home on Friday, you don’t want to venture out into the weather and on Saturday you’ll just go somewhere close. I’m sure we’ll be more adventurous once the weather warms up!

One of the nice things my hockey club does is have ‘teas’ after every game. That is, we go to a pub and have some food and drinks after the game. The Earl fo Derby is one of the locals that our team goes to regularly. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with the girls and warm up after a cold match.

A Drink after a Game Hockey Teas

The Earl of Derby

One of the pubs we went to for watching rugby was was called The Baron of Beef. It was one of those wonderful 15th century buildings where the first floor was bigger than the ground floor and leaning over the street. Was a great wee place we’ll have to try for dinner sometime. It was totally packed!

Watching the rugby Scotland vs England at the pub

The Baron of Beef

Another pub we tried for rugby watching (but it turns out they only watch soccer) was The Regal Weatherspoon. It apparently is the biggest bar/pub in the UK. Otherwise, it does the cheapest big breakfasts in Cambridge. Super yummy!

A Drink at the Regal

The Regal Weatherspoon

When Mel came to visit, we decided to visit another couple of pubs to tick some off the list. The first was fairly underwhelming, though they do have a top cocktail menu. The Fountain Inn is just down the road from The Regal, and was nice and busy for a drink and a chat.

Drinks at the Fountain Inn The Fountain Inn

Further down the road again was another pub we hadn’t visited before. The Prince Regent was more upmarket, quite big and well furnished with a good selection of ales on tap. Mel was quite chuffed there was one called Yorkshire Terrier. It was a nice drop too.

Drinks at the Prince Regent Yorkshire Terrier Ale

The Prince Regent

So, that’s 19 pubs that we’ve visited so far in Cambridge! There’s quite a few in town we still haven’t been to, including the famous Eagle. But we’ll get there eventually. We’ve got plenty of time.

Hope you’re all well,


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