There’s this famous street graffiti artist who makes his graffiti out of ceramic tiles. It makes his work quite distinctive and its often photographed and recorded. We haven’t seen any yet, though there is some around London.

We were inspired by his work, this artist called Invader, and decided to emulate his style in a mundane application – clocks.

A Clock mechanism

First thing was to come up with some designs.

Tile Clock Design 2 Tile Clock Design 1

Next we get some tiles. This was more challenging than we anticipated. Tiles are designed to be bulk bought by the 100, not by the dozen. Regardless, we now have a lot of tiles.

A selection of tiles

Next, we stuck the tiles to boards (we had to buy a hack saw to cut some wood) and drilled a hole in them (we forgot to buy a drill).

Sticking tiles to boards Manually drilling a hole

Once we got them all the tiles stuck down, then it was time to attach the hands to the clock mechanism.

Clock hands ready Lining up the clock hands

Before the hands and all looking whole.

Tiles all stuck!

And it’s final home on the mantle!

Final product - A Tile Mantle Clock

We’re keen for more crafty projects like this.

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