Mel made the move over to the UK just before Christmas. Now she has a job, and has an apartment and is officially living in London. Considering all these factors, it was time to crash on her couch. And we celebrated with cocktails.

Putting together cocktails Fun with mirrors. :)

Time to enjoy!

Our first day out and about, we went to have breakfast at Providores and Tapa Room . It had delicious delicious coffee and yummy yummy breakfast. (Photos below are Mel’s – thanks hun!)

Donations for Chch at the Tapa Room

Yummy yummy coffee in the Tapa Room Vege Breakfast

The other activity of our day was Space Invader hunting. Remember the clocks we made a couple of weeks ago? They were inspired by Space Invader. The first clock we made was for our mantle piece. The second clock (below) was a surprise house warming gift for Mel. 🙂

Mel's Housewarming gift

So, after breakfast we wandered and saw 2 Space Invader works. The first was randomly found that morning (So exciting, but also such a small piece!).

Space Invader on Thayer St Little Space Invader

The second one was huge by comparison! Mel had found it randomly a few weeks earlier. Both were great to see!

Space Invader on Boot St

One of the great things about London, of course, is the underground. We used it to get everywhere that weekend.


Another day, another amazing breakfast. We went down the road to Mel’s local cafe/bar called Alice House. It’s a beautiful venue and would be awesome for drinks sometime. We’ll have to try the cocktails in teapots!

Pancakes and berries Big breakfast

Breakfast at Alice House Yummy Coffee

And it was another big day of walking. We went over to Stables Market in Camden area with Mel, Belle and Linden. What a specular windy crazy eccentric place!

Eccentric stores

Second hand books Play a didgeridoo

We totally loved this market and will have to go back for some proper shopping sometime!

More playing with mirrors!

I’m totally thrilled to have Mel so close by for visits. Thanks for having us hun!

Stables Market

For Mel’s blog post of our weekend (she has some amazing photos in there too), visit her blog:

Arohanui everyone and hope you’re all well,

Liz and Rob

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