While Dad and Mum (aka Barry and Helen) were visiting Cambridge we went and saw the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

cam36 032

The place is a massive complex – it used to be an Air force base. The museum has planes, cars, artillery and guns from most of the wars Britain was involved with. There was also a whole building dedicated to The Blitz, which was very interesting.

cam36 067


They had a large selection of planes including b-17, b-52, Concord, and even a Blackbird.

cam36 145

cam36 064 cam36 137

A lot of the planes had great characters for their company, or markings of the amount of enemy planes they had shot down.

cam36 065 cam36 056

cam36 150

As well as all the exhibits, the museum lets you hire rides in some of the old planes they have. Dad had a flight in a Tiger Moth, with Biggles jacket, hat and goggles!

cam36 087 cam36 089


cam36 084

We all had a great time at the Museum – we spent most of a day there! There’s so much to see and do.

cam36 039

There’s 4 other museums to see nation-wide, so we’ll probably try to see them all – Imperial War Museum website.

If you haven’t been to this one yet, it’s definitely worth the visit.

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