As the weather started to get warmer, we started migrating back out to the pubs, many are new, as we endeavor to visit every pub in Cambridge. Let’s continue on with our list then, eh?

The first pub here is the Corner House, a popular haunt of the my hockey team after matches. After every game, we’d have a meal and a pint – an English tradition I might have to take home with me. I’m wearing my hockey gear below too.

The Corner House

This second pub, called The Red Lion, was the first one we went out to a sunny Friday after work. You know the weather is getting good when a pub after work is an easy thing. The pub’s just down the road from the office too! Makes it a good spot. 🙂

The Red Lion Red Lion Pints

Another pub down the road from the office, The Robin Hood, has a great outdoor area for drinks and meals (though the meals aren’t that great). It’s the closest pub to the office, so we can’t really complain too much about the food. The garden is quite lovely, and lots of families come here too.

The Robin Hood Sunny playing at the Robin Hood

Chatting at the Robin Hood

Finally, another pub we’ve seen lately is when Barry and Helen visited in April. We cycled up to the beautiful riverside pub – The Plough. This pub is definitely one of our favourites! If you sit down inside, the menu is fantastic. We were outside on this day just having the garden menu, but it was still just such a lovely setting. A top notch pub!

Riverside at The Plough

Cycling back from The Plough The Plough

That’s all for now. There will definitely be more pubs as time goes on this summer. The weather is lovely now (are we really in England?) so I’m looking forward to some more time outside.

Especially if there’s a pub. 🙂

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