Over the past year since we moved to Britain, we’ve been visiting various film locations where different Harry Potter films were shot. I updated the list with new sights from the more recent films, however there’s still plenty of older ones we haven’t seen yet. I’ve been holding onto a couple of these, but now it’s time to post them.

The first one here is from HP3 – HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. When Harry rides the Knight bus, one of the places the Knight bus drives along is Lambeth bridge. The bus squeezes between 2 red London buses (with the help of some magic, of course). It looks very different by day, but the shape of the buildings in the background are pretty recognizable.

Harry Potter - Lambeth Bridge for HP3

The second sight here is the entry to the Ministry of Magic in HP and the Order of the Phoenix, which was shot on location at Great Scotland Yard in London.

In this scene, Mr Weasley and Harry walk into a phone booth and take a little elevator down to the Ministry. The phone booth was placed for the film and the bollards had been installed since then, but its still the same street corner!

Entering the Minstry of Magic

Harry Potter - Scotland Place for HP5

This street corner, however, was *reused* in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! We went back to it when we were out and about with Miss on the HP premiere day. It was here that Harry, Ron and Hermione kidnap some Ministry of Magic employees. Ron waited on this corner for one of the workers.

Scotland Place

Harry Potter - Scotland Place for HP71

An easier HP sighting to find is in Piccadilly Circus where, in the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Harry, Ron and Hermione apparate into the middle of the street and then back up into the barrier. Easy place to find and have a snap. 🙂

HP-DH1 Piccadilly Circus

Harry Potter - Piccadilly fence line

This Harry Potter touristing has been mighty fun, and we’ve still got quite a few sights to see! It’s been a great excuse to visit some amazing places (Oxford, Edinburgh and various London sights) and there are many more to see!

Let the exploring continue,


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