I have these wonderful friends. Well, I have many friends, but there’s particular group that’s quite special. They’re my crew from our undergraduate days when we all were studying Computer Science. What’s quite cool is that out of 10 Compsci mates (Mel, Andrew, Belle, Eugene, Charlie, Bruce, Dave, Simon, Jude and myself), 6 of us live here in the UK now. Mad, right?

We have caught up with them at various times over the last year but never in Cambridge. So, I sent out the invite and Mel, Andrew, Belle (and her boyfriend Linden) made it up and we showed them our wee town.

Checking out Cambridge

We wandered around town and browsed the markets. We peered through college gateways (there were graduations going on) and had pints in a riverside pubs.

Enjoying the River Cam Linden having a Punt Photo time!

Standing in front of King's College Chapel

We also hired a punt and cruised down the river. Good easy fun.

Rob Punting

King's College from the river

Andrew Punting

Over the weekend we had meals and laughs and drinks and catching up. We shared stories, discussed home, planned holidays and played cards. It was just easy and enjoyable, like we hadn’t been living in separate countries for years.

I have these wonderful friends. And we live in the same country now.

Bring on the good times. 🙂

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