We got to catchup with almost all of our friends when we were back in NZ. (Sorry to those who we didn’t get time to see!) The highlight was certainly Eric and Prue’s gorgeous wedding!

But first, there was a Hen’s party. The start of our day was learning to lawn bowl from Rob’s grandpa, GramBob. Don’t you love Prue’s dress? It was full of ruffles!

GramBob teaching the Bride-to-be

The Euro Trash team The Winning Bowls Team

Jacqui playing bowls

No photos from the rest of the day, but it involved a drawing class, a great Thai dinner and heading out on the town! Though my jetlag meant I didn’t make it to that last part. But it was a fantastic fun day! No photos from the boys day – though apparently Eric wore a dress almost as nice as Prue’s. 🙂

The wedding itself was beautiful. Eric and Prue got married at Parnell Rose Gardens under a huge pohutakawa tree. Jacqui and Prue’s sister Mary were bridesmaids. Thanks to Sandie for these photos!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Prue was walked in by her Mum, Kathy, and her brother.

Here comes the bride!

The ceremony was settled at the base of the pohutakawa, with the branches wrapping around. Wonderful location. (P.S. John was Eric’s bestman and looked very handsome. No picture evidence here though – sorry John!)

Eric and Prue getting married

And then they were Mr and Mrs Stoneham! And rose petals did fall!

Eric and Prue are married!

The reception was a brilliant party rounding off a fantastic day. Great speeches, great drinks, great music makes for a great night! Well done guys!

Rob and I enjoying the wedding

The day after the wedding, we were off to Pauanui for New Years. A cyclone meant that it poured and poured and blew and blew the whole time we were there, though. We didn’t go outside except to get between the baches where we were staying. Regardless, it was a great crowd though, so a great couple of days!

Hanging out in Pauanui Rob in Pauanui

Big ups to JD and Abra for hosting us! Happy New Year!

Beagle and James Good Times

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