When we got back to Auckland, we had a few days to spend time with our families. One of our days was spent at Auckland Zoo, which has developed quite a bit since we last went a few years ago. We went with Mum, Matta and my younger cousins Emere, Hana T and Takimoana.

Whanau at the Zoo

The kids must’ve played on every playground in the whole zoo as we wandered around.

Kids climbing at the Zoo

We loved the new tiger enclosure. There’s a pool right next to the glass of the enclosure and the tiger playing with a ball. Must’ve been full of food! Pretty awesome to have the tiger so close.

Tiger playing ball at Auckland Zoo

Feeding parrots was good fun. In other bird news, we didn’t see any kiwis in the kiwi house. Are there still kiwis in there?

Taki feeding a parrot Hana feeding a parrot

The cousins looking for meerkats.

Looking for meerkats

Lonely Burma at the elephant show. Hopefully she gets friends soon! Lovely to her though.

Burma the elephant Burma wandering around

Burma the elephant

Little baboons in a row. Awesome enclosure.

Monkeys in a row

A giant tortoise and a little red monkey.

Giant Tortoise Little monkey at Auckland Zoo

Finally playing on the dragon playground – it’s still in the zoo! I thought they would’ve retired that dragons years ago…

Climbing the dragon

Great to see how Auckland Zoo is developing. Note: I think it’s hugely better than London Zoo! By miles! Brilliant day out.

xx To the whanau.

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