After a lovely few days in Venice, we got the train to Bologna for my cousin’s (Rob’s cousin) wedding.

After arriving at our hotel, we noticed that we could understand everyone… a little to well. We were surrounded by Kiwis, and it seemed that most of us had the same problem – no iron in the room to iron our wedding clothes. We could get the hotel to iron our wedding clothes for us, but that would take a day. We needed them in two hours, so declined the offer. After a little Kiwi ingenuity (damps cloths and a hair dryer), we were wrinkle free… and that’s what I’m sticking with.

cam17 443

Once assembled we all piled onto the coach and got delivered to Palazzo Del Vignola on a beautiful sunny day.

The garden at Palazzo Del Vignola

cam17 403 cam17 408

It was a beautiful ceremony. There were 8 glamorous bridesmaids (Caro’s sister Teeny was the maid of honour) and 8 handsome groomsmen. Caro designed her own dress and had it made by her friend, Erin.

cam17 417 Front row family at the wedding!

Here comes the bride!

cam17 428

Here’s all the Bilkeys’ in all their finery. (Alistair is somewhere around)

Bilkeys at Caro and Gareth's wedding

And Mr and Mrs Williams!

Mr and Mrs Williams!

The rest of the evening, we were wining and dining in the Renaissance-styled reception hall in the Palazzo. There were some wonderful speeches, great company and we were even treated to fireworks to further celebrate the day! Amazing and memorable.

The reception hall in Palazzo Del Vignola

The next day we gathered in anticipation, as we were heading out to see the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum – a museum about the man who started Lamborghini and built it into the empire it is today. After getting a little lost, a petrol stop by the taxi and a course correction, we managed to find the place. It’s about an hour outside of Bologna.

cam17 510

The museum tells about Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini’s humble beginnings – he initially made his money building high quality and efficient tractors. Surprising, right?

A Lamborghini tractor

The reason he got into sports cars was because of his rivalry with Mr Enzo Ferrari (also based in Bologna) who had been making sports cars since 1943. So, Mr Lamborghini decided to make his own. On the left here is his one of his earliest sports car successes – the 1966 Miura. One the right though, I’m standing next to the 350 GTV is his first prototype sports car from 1963.

1966 Lamborghini Miura First prototype Lamborghini sports car

While we were impressed with the 1971 Contache (ie the first Lamborghini will gull wings), the most remarkable thing was that a Mr Lamborghini gave us the tour – Ferruccio’s nephew. Very cool.

cam17 522 cam17 516

We headed to lunch, on Mr Lamborgini’s recommendation, and stuffed ourselves with pizza.. yum!

cam17 526

However not feeling completely satisfied with seeing only one brand of overpriced penis enlargers, we headed to the Ferrari museum.

cam17 527

Once again we were very impressed, however a little disappointed that Michael Schumacher wasn’t giving the tour.

cam17 535

cam17 540

Once we had finished looking around we headed out, where Bob, James and Meike decided to go and live on the wild side, and burnt rubber!

cam17 548

I just sat in the car.

cam17 549

All in all, the wedding was great and it was lovely to see all the whanau.

Drinks before dinner James and Rob

Bilkeys out at dinner Yum yum dessert

Until next time, Bilkeys.

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