Back in April this year, we participated in the CAMRA Ale Trail 2012. Basically, we had to visit 10 real ale pubs during a 6 week period and have a pint at each. Brilliant idea!

Cambridge CAMRA Ale Trail

The rules were: you visited one of the designated pubs on the form, had a pint, and got a stamp. The prize at the end? A t-shirt.

Stamps on the Cambridge CAMRA Ale Trail

Some of these pubs were locals of ours that we had already visited previously. But we did get to go to some new ones.

The Emperor – Good selection of ales and good selection of seating. Only bummer is real food is only available a couple of nights a week…

The Emperor pub in Cambridge A pint at the Emperor

Live and Let Live – A great wee local with a selection of real ales but also a huge list of great rums! The place is well worn, but has a great atmosphere.

Live and Let Live pub in Cambridge

A pint at Live and Let Live

The Hopbine – A large local that’s brightly lit with a colourful clientele and a pool table. We didn’t stay for long, and there was no sign of a bar billiards table (sorry Andrew!)

Outside The Hopbine pub in Cambridge Enjoying The Hopbine pub

St Radegund – A tiny pub where half the patrons stand on the footpath outside, but it’s full of character.  It’s also one of the King Street Run pubs – a timed pub crawl some students do each year. You have half a pint at each pub in the run – these days there’s only 5 pubs but there used to be 13. I think they make you visit the pubs twice to satisfy the King Street Run these days.

Outside the St Radegund pub in Cambridge The St Ragedund is part of the King St Run

With some of Rob's Bosch mates at St Ragedund pub

We posted off our form and our tshirts turned up a month or so later.

Overall, super satisfied, even without the t-shirt.


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