Traveling around different cities and countries in Europe uncovers little surprises, and one of those for us was definitely Granada. We (Liz) organised a trip with our friends M + M to fly into Malaga and drive up to Granada. The weather was a lovely 30+ and the coastline was beautiful.

We decided to stop off at a beach and sample some of the local food. Its a local custom to have large BBQ’s and eat various fried foods, like sardines (below), squid and octopus. Yum!

cam199 076

We made our way to Granada and were pleased to find that the apartment we booked was at the top of one of the market streets. It looked out up the hill into the suburbs and had a little deck for enjoying the evening sun. There was always hundreds of starlings flying around too!

cam1 003

Towards the end of the day (i.e. 9pm), we decided to visit some of Granada’s famous tapas bars. Lunch was typically between 2pm and 4pm and dinner was between 8pm and 11pm. A bit different!

cam199 118

Granada has a wonderful tradition where for each cerveza (beer) you order, you get a free tapa. Free! If you were happy to be an alcoholic, you’d never go hungry.

cam199 116

The tapas were so delicious, we went out for tapas every night.

cam199 115

cam199 114

Every night.

cam199 121

And a few lunch times.

cam199 113

cam199 111

During the day, we explored the city, wandering around the markets and taking in the amazing sites. Below is the street market in the Arabic Quarter.

cam1 334

The main reason to visit Granada is to see Alhambra – a huge Islamic fortress and palace. Here it is up on the hill.

cam199 094

Once we sobered up, we decided to visit the local cathedral. We wandered through the tangle of streets and suddenly it appeared, as if hidden away.

cam1 301_stitch2

It was a massive building, which you only realised once you got inside.

cam1 305_stitch

cam1 317

And it had done well for itself over the years, with ornamental gold and granite everywhere. Stunning.

cam1 329 cam1 323
cam1 321

Granada is certainly a gem and we’d recommend you visit just found this one blog post.

But we haven’t even told you about Alhambra… Coming soon!

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