One of the highlights of any visit to Istanbul are the markets – the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, the Arasta Bazaar and more. They’re busy and colourful and full of goodies! Firstly, the Grand Bazaar with jewellery, lamps, rugs and more!

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Istanbul Grand Bazaar Lanterns

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Rugs

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Grand Bazaar jewellery

Istanbul Grand Bazaar copper wares

Istanbul Grand Bazaar bowls

Despite the grandness of the Grand Bazaar, we actually only bought stuff from the Spice Bazaar and the Arasta Bazaar. The latter is much more affordable and a good selection of stores. All the shopping, even for turkish delights, involves bargaining which Rob really enjoyed. We got a selection of (food safe) decorated plates which will make great serving platters! All handpainted too – fantastic.

Istanbul Arasta Bazaar

Istanbul - Decorated Plates

The Grand Bazaar is magnificent and easy to get lost in, but I liked the Spice Bazaar much more. So many delicious foods! We bought way too many turkish delights and other goodies.

Istanbul - Spice Bazaar

Istanbul Spice Bazaar Istanbul Spice Bazaar

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

We tried plenty of local Turkish foods while we were in Istanbul, like kebaps, various grilled meats, aubergine cooked a million ways, turkish delights, dried fruits, turkish coffee and kebap cooked in a clay pot. The kebap claypot is quite cool because  the meat, veges and sauce gets sealed in a clay pot which is then cooked in a fire. To get at your food, you break the pot open – fantastic!

Istanbul - Clay pot cooking

Istanbul - Clay pot cooking Istanbul - Clay pot cooking

Turkish coffee is quite strong and a bit bitter but when paired with chocolate covered coffee beans is very delicious.

Turkish coffee - strong stuff!

And what better way to enjoy some delicious Turkish food or drink than in the warm sun on a rooftop bar. With a brilliant view as well, what could be better?

Istanbul Rooftop Bar

Istanbul Rooftop Bar

We ate way too much great food while in Istanbul. Aside from the turkish delights, the flavours of the main courses and sides were quite Mediterranean and all delicious.

There are still more stories to tell from our trip, so until next time…


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