We were only in Prague for 2 nights – just the weekend – so there was only so much we could find time to see. But one thing we definitely made time for was the Old Jewish Cemetery. Used from the early 14th century until the mid 18th century, this is what 12,000 tombstones with over 100,000 layered burials looks like.

Prague - Jewish Cemetery

The reason all the tombstones were crammed in like this? Prague would only allow burials within a designated cemetery for different denominations and the Jewish community didn’t get a new one for over 300 years… So it got very full. They have a new one now just outside of the city, but this one is certainly unique.

Prague - Jewish Cemetery

Prague - Jewish Cemetery Prague - Jewish Cemetery

Prague - Jewish Cemetery

We had a great weekend in Prague. It had a really good vibe, was super cheap eats and drinks and had wonderful sights. We were really impressed, and stoked that we got to go!

We’re still very behind on our blog posts, but will slowly catchup on them – promise.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Prague – The Old Jewish Cemetery”
  1. Kia ora Liz and Rob. Happy New Year! Ahh man, you’re back in Aotearoa……I know it’s home and always will be but, you’re back in Aotearoa after living and touring Europe. You got rocks in your head? LOL. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and the many places you’ve visited (with utmost envy), hold on to your camera, the pictures are fabulous to say the least. Hope you find that kainga you’re searching for and without doubt aunty Helen will be anticipating the arrival of the next generation. On that note, please give your folks our aroha.


    Rangi xxx

    1. It’s wonderful to be back, and NZ has certainly turned the summer on for us! 8 years away is a long time, but we’re looking forward to new adventures – exploring our own backyard here!

      Thanks for your aroha – I’ll let Mum and Dad know.



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